Complex 3D Machining

Complex 3D Machining for Aerospace, Defense, Medical and Industrial

Super-tight tolerances and high-complexity parts? Challenge accepted.

A fourth-generation company, we’ve partnered with leaders in the aerospace, defense and medical industries for over 110 years. When you work with us you get access to unmatched industry experience, renowned machining technology and expert precision engineering.

Work With the Experts in Complex 3D Machining

A partner to Ford, General Dynamics, General Electrics, Hyman-Rickover and Pratt & Whitney, we have the capacity to take on your project regardless of size or scope. When it comes to your aerospace part, our team of engineers and machinists will work with you to customize a design to your exact specifications.

For a better understanding of our capabilities, view our 3D machined parts in our gallery here. To get started on your project, contact us today or click the button below.