Molding services

Molding the Future™

We’ve spent the last 100 years designing, machining and innovating complex 3D surface molds. Whether you’re in the aerospace, defense, industrial or medical industry, we can design a mold to meet your specific needs.

When you work with Goodwin-Bradley, you get:

  • Aluminum and steel molds in blow, compression, and transfer designs.
  • Molds of all shapes and sizes designed in-house, up to 12’6” in a single setup.
  • Reverse engineering of your prototype, customized design solutions, and tight tolerances.
  • Molds up to 150’ long and weighing more than two tons.

Aerospace tooling

Designing tooling for aerospace is more of an art than a skill. We’ve mastered the art of tooling for tight tolerances, ultra-fine finishes and high performance.  

Our molding machines include:

  • 300 ton 30x30 Molding Press
  • 250 ton 24x24 Molding Press
  • 36 Ton OBI press
  • 10 Ton Single Cycle Press
  • Compression molding
  • Injection molding
  • Transfer molding
  • Secondary machining
  • Tool design/fabrication

Whether you have a prototype or a full-scale development, we’ll create an expert molding solution customized to your industry and needs.